From the Cenobites in The Hellbound Heart to the creatures of Cabal to the residents of the Islands of Abarat, Clive Barker has procured memorable images from his imagination and shared them with the world through his written works, films, and paintings, the latter of which are being displayed like never before in a new limited edition book called Imaginer.

Limited to 1,000 copies and available for purchase for $100 on August 23rd, Imaginer comes from Century Guild and includes over 75 artworks and 208 pages in a large format of 10" by 13." The captured images are completely new and feature the highest resolution ever printed of the master of horror's artwork. This first bound volume features paintings and drawings from 1993 - 2012.

In addition to the regular limited edition of Imaginer, the book will also be available for $400 in a "Clamshell-boxed deluxe faux leather cover and signed bookplate edition of 100."

Here are the official specs for Imaginer:


  • Paintings and Drawings
  • Volume One 1993-2012
  • Text by Thomas Negovan
  • Elegantly hardbound, 208 pp
  • Rubber-feel cover with gold debossing and high-gloss image varnish
  • Limited edition of 1000 copies
  • 10.5" x 13.25”
  • $100

Plus Clamshell-boxed deluxe faux leather cover and signed bookplate edition of 100, $400."

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We have the official press release with full details and an early look at Imaginer:

Press Release — "CLIVE BARKER: IMAGINER. A collection of dynamic artworks from the hand of one of the most influential creative minds of the last fifty years.

"I think of myself as somebody who is reporting from a world of dreams." -Clive Barker, interview for Barnes and Noble, Fall 2002.

For over twenty years the imagination of Clive Barker has been hailed as a genius by a generation of creatives including such notable visionaries as Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro. But where does Clive Barker find his primal inspiration?

Clive has said from his first interviews that he keeps a brush and ink next to his bed to capture fragments of dreams, and that his stories originate as visuals first- the works on canvas are more often than not Clive's inital introduction to the characters and universes that he then picks up a pen to illuminate. The most recent example of this is his world of Abarat:

"I'm painting these pictures in the expectation that... interesting, strange characters and landscapes will come into my mind and into my mind's eye and appear on the canvas through the brush. There is something willfully strange about this process- that you stand back at the end of a night's work and you look at something and you say, 'Where did that come from?' I mean, I'm not the only artist who does that - lots of artists do that, I know. And it's been wonderful because if I had created Abarat from words- if I'd written Abarat and then illustrated it... it would not be anything like as rich or as complex or as contradictory a world as it is. Because this is a world which has been created from dream visions... What I'm doing is finding stories that match the shape of my dreams.”

IMAGINER is the first comprehensive volume of the artwork of Clive Barker. Featuring over 75 artworks and 208 pages, the book is be a gorgeous large format of 10" x 13" inches. There have been marginal explorations of Clive's artwork in the past, but the most important part of this project is that the book is composed of entirely ALL NEW and ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION image captures. The detail is impeccable, and Clive flatteringly declared the difference in detail of the new captures compared to previously printed ones like the difference between "chalk and cheese". (Which means they're really, really good!)

The purest, most direct path from the raw creative mind of Clive Barker to our world is through his artworks. We are in the process of exhuming and documenting a lifetime of genius; these artworks are the origin points of characters we recognize, and hold hints of stories yet to come. This first book is the beginning of a series of volumes examining his work in great detail.

This is an art book of the highest quality, and is being created with the utmost attention to detail to present the artwork as though you were experiencing the paintings and drawings in person."

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