Over the decades, Clive Barker has given life to the creatures from his expansive imagination not only in his enduring books, but also through paintings, drawings, and jottings that tell stories of their own. The first two Imaginer art books have collected Barker's popular characters and lesser-known (but equally important) creations, and the newly announced third volume looks to continue the tradition.

Presented by The Clive Barker Archive (operated by Phil and Sarah Stokes), Imaginer Volume III is now available to pre-order in three different editions: regular ($100), deluxe ($400), and "with thanks" deluxe ($750). The book is set to be published this summer.

Below, we have additional details and a look at the cover art and some of the artwork that will appear in the book. To learn more about Imaginer Volume III, visit:

From The Clive Barker Archive: "Picking up the reins from Century Guild, Phil and Sarah Stokes – authors of the Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy series and the Revelations website and Clive’s long-time archivists – will continue the multi-volume publication of the definitive collection of Clive’s oil paintings in the vibrant colour and depth showcased in the first two volumes.

After the unexpected gap in delivery between Volumes One and Two, we are delighted to report that Imaginer Volume Three is already written - featuring an afterword by the influential and hugely talented dark artist, Chet Zar - and Clive's artwork is already selected and captured, meaning the book will be ready to send to the printers this month!

There are three options available to pre-order Volume Three now - but one will disappear on 21 March and the other two will rise in price on 1 June...

  • the regular edition (limited to 1,000 copies) at a pre-order price
  • the deluxe edition, signed by Clive (limited to 100 numbered copies) at a pre-order price
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY - until 20 March 2016 - have your name printed in both editions as a special 'thank you' for your support of the Imaginer art archiving project by selecting the 'with thanks' option (available if a deluxe edition is pre-ordered)

Discounted pre-order prices will remain available until 1 June 2016, when full retail prices will start to apply."

The first three photos are courtesy of The Real Clive Barker Archive, and the fourth photo comes from Clive Barker: Revelations:

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