Harvester of souls, traveler of the Lament Configuration, and leader of the Cenobites, the intimidating Pinhead has for years haunted film reels, comic book panels, and the pages of Clive Barker's fiction. But you've never seen Pinhead like this. In his new painting, Clive Barker has depicted Pinhead in a fresh and frightening style, and Century Guild is releasing a limited number of this painting's prints for hardcore Hellraiser fans to hang on their walls.

The seventh entry in Clive Barker's The Definitive Edition Prints series, this 18" x 22" Pinhead print is limited to only 40 items in stock at $350 each and comes signed and numbered by Clive Barker. This is the one and only time that Barker has brought Pinhead to life on a large canvas. You can see the print and check out further details below (courtesy of Century Guild!):

18 x 22 inches
Signed and numbered by Clive Barker
Limited edition of only 40

  • New ultra-high resolution image capture
  • Blindstamped with the Century Guild and Transmission Atelier logos
  • Published on boutique heavyweight high gloss/ low glare silver paper
  • Completely archival inks and paper
  • Printed in superior resolution
  • Painstakingly color matched to the original
  • The definitive collection of Clive Barker artworks

Pinhead. One of the most iconic literary antagonists in history, the manuscript that introduced him to the world- The Hellbound Heart- will be on display at the British museum alongside Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a landmark of gothic horror.

This print documents the sole occasion where Clive Barker painted a large canvas of Pinhead. A must-have for any Clive Barker fan.


These extremely limited and important editions will be released on the 13th of every month at Noon PST at



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