One is a menacing traveler of dimensions with a unique look that has haunted people's nightmares for decades. The other is a daring detective who specializes in occult cases. Readers and viewers know them as Pinhead and Harry D’Amour, respectively, and though they have vastly different personalities, the two fictional figures have one big thing in common: they were both born in the magical mind of Clive Barker.

This May, Pinhead and Harry will collide on the printed page in The Scarlet Gospels—Barker's much-anticipated novel that is his last word on the Hellraiser universe. We have details on how you can order a special signed copy of the latest adventure to be conjured up in Barker's masterful imagination.

The Scarlet Gospels:


Pinhead. Harry D’Amour. The final Hellraiser story.

Clive’s health prevents him from doing a signing tour for this book, so for a limited time we are offering the option of having your copy signed by Clive for a $35 surcharge. (Please note that unfortunately we cannot offer an option for personalization.)

As a special consideration, we have also made arrangements with UK edition cover artist David Mack to sign and do a sketch of Pinhead for an additional $45.

All copies of The Scarlet Gospels purchased from come with:

  • An exclusive double-sided glossy postcard featuring the artworks of Clive Barker: his portrait of the Hell Priest known as Pinhead, and a canvas depicting a field of corpses, used as the back cover art for the US edition.
  • An exclusive satin Catechismal bookmark featuring a profile of Pinhead drawn by UK edition cover artist David Mack, with a descriptive verse from the novel.
  • Please note that the book release is schedule for May 19th, 2015, and signed books will ship from Los Angeles no earlier than June 2015."
  • Derek Anderson
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