Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Re-Animator—these films are as recognizable by their eerie scores as they are by the monsters that haunt their stories. At this year's Comic-Con, Broadcast Music Inc. will bring together composers from the aforementioned films and several others for “The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition” panel.

Press Release: WHO: Broadcast Music Inc.® (BMI®), a global leader in music rights management, and Krakower Poling PR will return to Comic-Con, to present “The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition" panel, featuring composers Charles Bernstein (Nightmare on Elm Street), Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th), Laura Karpman (Carrie), Richard Band (Re-Animator), Tyler Bates (Dawn of the Dead), Maurizio Guarini of Goblin (Suspiria), along with special guest actor Douglas Tait (Freddy vs. Jason).

WHAT: “The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition” panel at Comic-Con will be co-moderated by Anne Cecere of BMI and Chandler Poling of Krakower Poling PR, returning for their fifth consecutive collaboration. The featured composers will discuss the power of music in horror films with a Q&A to follow. The event is open only to Comic-Con badge holders. In addition, attendees will also get sneak peeks into the participants’ current projects, as well as exclusive free gifts.
In celebration of the fifth anniversary panel, there will be a special signing with “The Character of Music” composers, as well as some special guests. Commemorative giveaways will be provided to all panel attendees.

WHEN: Saturday, July 11, 2015

Special signing event: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., Sails Pavilion, 2nd floor, table AA07 (inside convention center).

“The Character of Music” panel: 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., room 8 (inside convention center).


San Diego Convention Center

111 W. Harbor Dr.

San Diego, CA 92101

WHY: BMI’s composers, such as the legendary John Williams and Mike Post, contribute to billions of dollars in box office receipts, with film scores in many of the year’s top films as well as highest rated TV series. The highest-rated series and specials on television feature the scores of BMI composers, who craft the theme and/or background music for nearly three-quarters of all primetime network programs. In addition to Comic-Con, BMI partners with other events to enhance the role of music in film, television and video games.

About BMI:

Celebrating 75 years of service to songwriters, composers, music publishers and businesses, Broadcast Music, Inc.® (BMI®) is a global leader in music rights management, serving as an advocate for the value of music. BMI represents the public performance rights in more than 8.5 million musical works created and owned by more than 600,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers. The Company negotiates music license agreements and distributes the fees it generates as royalties to its affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are performed in public. In 1939, BMI created a groundbreaking open-door policy becoming the only performing rights organization to welcome and represent the creators of blues, jazz, country, and American roots music. Today, the musical compositions in BMI’s repertoire, from chart toppers to perennial favorites, span all genres of music and are consistently among the most-performed hits of the year. For additional information and the latest BMI news, visit, follow us on Twitter @BMI or stay connected through Broadcast Music, Inc.’s Facebook page.

About Krakower Poling PR:

Krakower Poling PR is anchored in an industry that is constantly changing. Mixing traditional tools of Public Relations with cutting edge ideas allows us to redefine what PR stands for. For us it’s all about deepening relationships, increasing trust and active communications. By engaging and connecting our clients with their audiences, building a solid fan base, fostering media relations, creative storytelling, innovative award campaigning and pushing boundaries into new opportunities we support our clients in continuously achieving success.

Krakower Poling PR represents composers, music supervisors, record labels for film, TV, video games and Broadway, as well as film and music festivals around the world.

About Comic-Con:

Comic-Con was established in 1987 in Oakland, California, as “The Wonderful World of Comics Convention.” The show was the brainchild of Bay Area comics retailer John Barrett, who called on a number of friends and associates to help realize his vision, including Bob Borden, Bryan Uhlenbrock, Rory Root and Mike Friedrich. With the third year, “WonderCon” became the official name of the convention. The original show included all the classic comics convention features: an Exhibit Hall with dealers selling old and new comics and other items, programming, anime screenings and games. In 2001, after the 15th event, then co-owners Mike Friedrich and Joe Field (another prominent Bay Area comic retailer) decided they could no longer devote the time needed to maintain the quality of the show they helped create. They contacted Comic-Con International in hopes that the organization could fold WonderCon into the Comic-Con family of convention - See more at:

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