If you're a big fan of Warpo's Legends of Cthulhu figures that are the ultimate ode to H.P. Lovecraft, you now have two new items to look forward to, as Warpo has revealed a Legends of Cthulhu Collector Club Kit and 12-inch figure that will be available to pre-order at Comic-Con.

Press Release: CHICAGO, IL (July 8, 2015): Warpo, the indie toy company setting the bar in the creation of new retro toys, announces today the new Legends of Cthulhu Collector Club Kit, a must-have for fans of Legends of Cthulhu.

Featuring a Necronomicon collector box, the Collector Club Kit (MSRP $39.99) includes background and altar playset standees, Legends of Cthulhu coloring/activity book, Cthulhu sew-on patch, Society of Cthulhu Investigators letter from “The Professor”, Society of Cthulhu Investigators pin, Society of Cthulhu Investigators ring, Legends of Cthulhu stickers, and a Legends of Cthulhu poster.

The Cthulhu Collector Club Kit, along with the 12” Cthulhu Standard Edition figure (MSRP $79.99), will be available for pre-order at San Diego Comic Con via Diamond (booth #2401), as well as via the August issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog. Further, fans and retailers at San Diego Comic Con wanting to get a first look at what will become an instant coveted collectible, the 12” Cthulhu Glow in the Dark Edition (MSRP $125) will be on display in the Diamond booth (#2401).

Legends of Cthulhu retro action figures are available at BigBadToyStore, Think Geek, comic book stores, and in toy and hobby shops nationwide. Retailers interested carrying Legends of Cthulhu in their stores should contact their Diamond distributor.

About Warpo
Founded in 2013 by avid collectors and toy industry veterans Bryan Katzel, Eric LeFeber and Tommy Baldwin, Warpo is Making Yesterday’s Toys, high-quality collectible toys with a a distinct retro look and feel. Taking an artisanal approach of “method manufacturing”, Warpo’s debut product line, Legends of Cthulhu launched with a Kickstarter in June 2014, and the company’s future releases include action figures, plush, playsets, and more. For more information, visit warpo.com.

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