We saw the Jason Voorhees premium format figure at Comic-Con 2015 and Leatherface made his first appearance at Monsterpalooza earlier this year. Today, the new Freddy Krueger premium format figure made its debut on the Comic-Con show floor, and we have a look at all three of Sideshow's slashers.

Currently, only Jason Voorhees is available for pre-order for $469.99, with an expected release in September. We expect Leatherface and Freddy to carry a similar price tag, and although Sideshow has yet to discuss pre-order plans, we hope to see these collectibles available to order online soon.

Each slasher stands atop a base that reflects their actions, personalities, and victims. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more details on all three items. To learn more about the Jason premium format figure, visit Sideshow's website, and if you're attending San Diego Comic-Con, be sure to stop by Sideshow's Booth #1929 and see their exciting slate of collectibles, including the ones featured in our photos below. [Photo Credit: Jordan Smith / Daily Dead]