NECA's shelves are lined with cinematic goodies at this year's Comic-Con, and certainly not one to be left out of the party is Ash Williams, who is on display as numerous action figures along with some of his Deadite pals.

Both Ash vs Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are well-represented on NECA's shelves, including multiple depictions of Bruce Campbell's iconic character. His shirt in tatters and his trusty chainsaw and boomstick at the ready Evil Dead 2 Ash glares through the glass display window at passersby game enough to challenge him.

Peering out at con-goers in a more friendly manner is NECA's Ashy Slashy puppet—a companion from Ash's time in the psychiatric ward on Ash vs Evil Dead. View our photos below, and check here for our previous Comic-Con coverage. [Photo Credit: Jordan Smith / Derek Anderson / Daily Dead]

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