Puppet Master: Curtain Call #3 by Shawn Gabborin and Daniel Jay Logan leads today's Comics Corner, and we also have a look at Part 3 of Dark Fang #3, Part 2 of Monsters Unleashed #10Copperhead #18, Kill or Be Killed #15, Alien Bounty Hunter #3, and a look at Mr. Crypt's wacky vacation in Mr. Crypt #3.

Puppet Master: Curtain Call #3: "(W) Shawn Gabborin (A/CA) Daniel Jay Logan

The end is now! It is up to the puppets not only to save their master but the entire world! Will they succeed, and will they even survive? Join us for the finale of Danger Zone's epic Puppet Master series.

In Shops: Jan 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99."

This finale is not to be missed! Visit Previews World on behalf of Action Lab Comics for more information.


Dark Fang #3: "Story: Miles Gunter
Art / Cover: Kelsey Shannon
Published: January 17, 2018
Diamond ID: NOV170740


Valla's campaign against the fossil fuel industry reaches the highest office of government (yes...that one). Now there's a storm coming for her, and it just might be more than she can handle.

Digital: $3.99
Print: $3.99."

For more information on this new series, visit Image Comics' website.


Monsters Unleashed #10: LEARNING CURVE PART 2! ELSA BLOODSTONE IS MISSING! When KID KAIJU's mentor goes missing, he will have to use all of his wits – and his knowledge of monster lore – to track her down and save the day. There is something in the deep, dark ocean, something ancient and terrible, long slumbering and now awake…and it's HUNGRY!

Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Bachan
Cover by R. B. Silva

About Book
Page Count: 23 Pages
Print Release Date: January 17, 2018
Digital Release Date: January 17, 2018
Age Rating: 9+ Only
Copyright: 2018 Marvel Characters, Inc.
Sold by Marvel."

Part Two is here! To learn more, head over to Marvel Comics.


Copperhead #18: "Story: Jay Faerber
Art: Drew Moss, Ron Riley
Cover: Ron Riley, Scott Godlewski
Published: January 17, 2018
Diamond ID: NOV170735

Clara's been shot, stabbed, and beaten. But nothing will stop her from being reunited with her son.

Digital: $3.99
Print: $3.99."

It's been a while since we covered Copperhead in Comics Corner, and we're happy to see more current issues. To learn more, go to Image Comics.


Kill or Be Killed #15: "Story: Ed Brubaker
Art: Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser
Cover: Sean Phillips
Published: January 17, 2018
Diamond ID: NOV170690

The next arc of BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS' bestselling series is a blockbuster! Dylan is forced to confront the reality of his violent actions and his sanity...and nothing will ever be the same again!

And remember, each issue of KILL OR BE KILLED contains extra content and articles only available in the single issues.

Collects KILL OR BE KILLED #11-14

Digital: $3.99
Print: $3.99."

To learn more and catch up on previous issues of Kill or Be Killed, visit Image Comics' website.


Alien Bounty Hunter #3: "(W) Adrian Wassel, David M. Booher (A/CA) Nick Robles

Abandoned at the Midnight Gates, facing a wall of armed aliens, Madsen does what he does best: He takes a running leap off something tall. This time into a river of acid. Washing ashore in an even stranger ward, Madsen receives help from a gang of orphans. They take him to their guardian, The Malady. With a name like that, what could go wrong?

In Shops: Jan 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99."

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Mr. Crypt #3: "(W) Troy Vevasis (A/CA) Aleksandar Jovic

Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat make their triumphant return in the final story of this 3-issue mini! After earning a well-deserved vacation, Mr. Crypt soon discovers that this will be a trip like no other. Also: find out what Baron Rat does when Mr. Crypt isn't home!

In Shops: Jan 17, 2018
SRP: $1.50."

To learn more about this last issue in a three-part series, go to Previews World on behalf of Alterna Comics.

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