According to artwork seen at Arc Entertainment, it looks like Dimension is reviving the "Dimension Extreme" line and is releasing Hellraiser: Revelations, Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead, and Children of the Corn: Genesis.

While there are no release details, they should be released to both DVD and Blu-ray later this year. Here are the plot summaries and cover artwork for each film:

Hellraiser: Revelations- Pinhead is back and in his chamber of soulless delights, he thought he had two willing participants in Steven and Nico. But Nico wants out and decides that a member of Steven's family will serve as proper barter.

Zombie Diaries 2- Three months have passed since a viral outbreak wiped out 99.9% of the world’s population, turning its victims into flesh-eating living dead. In the UK a surviving band of soldiers and civilians have taken refuge at a rural military barracks. Life in this new world is tough and brutal, but hope appears when a high-level communication is received from a military base on the coast, telling of sanctuary elsewhere in Europe…

Children of the Corn: Genesis- A young couple tries to free an imprisoned child with catastrophic results.