Whether he's writing about shadowy creatures capable of shredding humans into pulp with their claws, or taking you through the skies on an adventure aboard a flying ship, author Patrick W. Marsh knows how to pull you into the imaginative worlds of his written works. With the creator of the compelling The Greenland Diaries book series attending Crypticon Minnesota once again this year, I caught up with Marsh for our latest Q&A feature.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Patrick. What sparked your passion for writing?

Patrick W. Marsh: My passion for writing sort of blossomed out of my desire to communicate with people in a method I felt most comfortable. I was an awkward and sensitive child, and writing allowed me to cut through the mundane and the distracting. There is so much clutter in life, I found it hard to tell the truth. That is what my writing is, or even my art. I'm telling the truth in ways I can't in life.

What authors and genres do you enjoy reading the most?

Patrick W. Marsh: I enjoy a range of authors and genres. I try to be well-rounded because it benefits my style and voice. Ray Bradbury, Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, John Gardner, and Shakespeare. No particular horror writer. I've always been scared of my own monsters. I don't need anyone to add to the collection.

Your Greenland Diaries series take readers into a compelling apocalypse through one man’s journal entries. When did you first come up with the idea for The Greenland Diaries?

Patrick W. Marsh: I was basically sitting at my desk as a bank teller and thought, "What would happen if horrifying and unknown monsters suddenly appeared and wiped out humanity?" I also was returning to college and wanted to hone my past-tense skills, so a journal was the perfect setting. I also wanted to create monsters that symbolized mental illness perfectly, which the Unnamed do.

Can readers expect to see more stories set in the world of The Greenland Diaries?

Patrick W. Marsh: They can. On my blog What the Basement Said, I write stories from the same universe as a sort of gift for those who have stuck with me. They're free on my blog. I also am working on the sequel, which is due out in fall 2017 at the next Crypticon.

This weekend you’ll be attending Crypticon Minnesota 2016. What do you enjoy the most about the convention? Will you be selling any new books at your booth?

Patrick W. Marsh: I enjoy the people the most. The support is astounding. I think horror is a good stepping stone for people being able to accept dark things from their own personal life. I know this is true for me. This is my fourth year and I'm loving every moment of it. All my books are on sale this weekend. Plus bits of artwork from my illustrators. My new collection of short stories I Sing Constellations just came out and I'll be selling it there as well. Readers can also find me online at basementsaid.com


For the full Crypticon Minnesota 2016 schedule, including a writing panel that Patrick W. Marsh will be a part of, visit the event's official Facebook page.

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