Thanks for coming back for day two of Daily Dead’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. For the next few weeks in December, we’re going to be bringing you some of our very favorite gift ideas that are ideal for all the horror and sci-fi lovers out there. Take a look at some more cool genre-themed gift choices and be sure to check back every day this week for more awesome stuff in Daily Dead’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide as there is lots more to come this month!

Movie: Seriously, how great is Maniac Cop 2? It’s an enjoyably sleazy revenge slasher that not only managed to live up to its predecessor but actually exceeded the original in terms of execution and a fantastic cast to boot. It features the always awesome Robert Davi, Bruce Campbell and Leo Rossi in a truly transformative performance, as well as Robert Z’Dar as everyone’s favorite supernatural killer cop.  While it may not necessarily be a movie I’d be expecting in HD, Blue Underground recently released Maniac Cop 2 on Blu-ray and it is rather stunning. It's definitely a must-own for fans or for anyone who digs cult classic slasher films in general. Buy it HERE.

Apparel: This time, I wanted to feature something for all the pint-sized horror fans out there because I found a killer line of horror-themed onesies from a company called VIPWees while doing some recent gift searching for a friend’s baby on Amazon. Not only do they have an awesome assortment of onesies that celebrate films like An American Werewolf in London and Evil Dead, but they also have some great character onesies too featuring the likes of Beetlejuice, Frankenstein and his Bride and a collection of our favorite slashers. These were all just too cute not to share- it’s also worth noting they do a lot of fun music-themed onesies and general movie items as well so VIPWees is definitely worth checking out (they’re onesie colors are also interchangeable so you can mix it up too when ordering).

For all you grown-ups there out there, I wanted to mention a brand new site I discovered via Twitter called Tee Villain which feels very much like the horror-centric counterpart to another favorite t-shirt site of mine, Tee Fury. Each day, they feature a brand new t-shirt design and in the last three weeks, I already found two different Christmas gifts. I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye on their site each day to see what kind of awesome design they come up with next.

Books: Absolutely one of my very favorite things of 2013 genre-wise was “Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions.” Anyone who knows me knows that I consider del Toro one of my very favorite filmmakers of all time (right up there with Carpenter) so when “Cabinet of Curiosities” was announced, I immediately had it on pre-order. The book definitely lived up to my expectations as much of it feels like what I imagine it would be like to walk around in Guillermo’s head or to sit and have a lengthy chat with him what he loves most- storytelling. James Cameron provides a nice forward and even one of my other favorite storytellers, Neil Gaiman, provides some anecdotes as well. It’s a fascinating exploration of undoubtedly one of the most creative minds at work in Hollywood today and is a perfect gift for any del Toro fans out there. Buy it HERE.

Music: We’re definitely huge fans of Mondo and all that they do with classic horror around here which is why I thought it was worth including their recent “Halloween” vinyl album release in our gift guide. Mondo delivers a stunning album presentation and what makes this such a unique item is that this the first time ever that Carpenter’s iconic score  has received an official release. That blows my mind even now to think about. Although they usually sell out of their badass posters within mere moments of the onsale, Mondo still has copies available and I don’t see that happening for much longer. Buy it HERE while you still can, fiends.

Collectibles: I thought since it was getting a re-release on the big screen soon, it would be fun to find some Silent Night, Deadly Night-themed items to include in our Holiday Gift Guide. Over at House of Mysterious Secrets, I stumbled upon two great items while shopping recently- a SNDN Santa hat and Christmas stocking, perfect to fill with all kinds of goodies. As a fan of the first two films, it’s kind of cool to see Silent Night, Deadly Night getting some love after almost 30 years and both the Santa hat and stocking both make for a fun way to pay homage to this cult classic.

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