Happy Us Weekend, everyone! I know most horror fans are going to be headed to their local theaters to see the latest from Jordan Peele (and for good reason, because it is awesome!), but if you’re looking to indulge in even more genre-centric storytelling, we have another installment of Salutes Your Shorts on tap, with a quartet of female-led short films for you to enjoy.

First up is the vamp-tastic V from Jimmy Dean, and then we have The Misplaced by Alex DiVincenzo, Parker Brennon’s Below the Trees, and then we wrap up with the super fun The Worst Planet on Earth from Joe and Lloyd Stas.

V (Directed by Jimmy Dean)

Synopsis: A sixteen-year-old vampire begins to reconsider her past relationships.

The Misplaced (Directed by Alex DiVincenzo)

Synopsis: A young woman unwittingly discovers why things have been going missing around the house in The Misplaced.

Below the Trees (Directed by Parker Brennon)

Synopsis: In this prelude to a feature-length film, a young woman inherits her grandmother's rural estate but soon meets an unsettling neighbor with malevolent intentions.

The Worst Planet on Earth (Directed by Joe and Lloyd Stas)

Synopsis: Trapped in the future after humanity has become extinct, Penny the astronaut attempts to find a way home alongside her new best friend, a useless wizard named Cola.

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