Happy Friday, everyone! We’re now only a few weeks away from Halloween, and what better way to get in the mood for the macabre than by checking out our latest collection of short films as part of our ongoing series that celebrates short-form genre storytelling.

For today’s installment of Daily Dead Salutes Your Shorts, we see how an innocent conversation about horror movies can go awry in Vexed, what happens when a prank on the police goes wrong in the Dutch short Destination Reached, why you’re never truly alone in Low Rise, and why it’s always good to check for monsters in those deep, dark crevasses of your home in Storage. Happy viewing!

Vexed (Directed by Marc Cartwright)

Synopsis: A romantic date night goes horribly wrong when a couple questions the validity of horror film plots...

Destination Reached (Directed by Ivar Tillema)

Synopsis: Tough police officer Johan van de Veer wakes up startled one night in his police car by the noise of two brats disrupting the official communication channel. When the prank turns into a serious cry for help, the connection is lost, and the boys find themselves in need.

Low Rise (Directed by Garry Sykes)

Synopsis: Shannon Black is a talented young actor from the North East coast, gambling everything on one last push - a move to the big capital city, where she might finally make it. Leaving a tattered relationship back home behind her, she finds a place to stay and starts working hard for that dream, smiling through terrible auditions and all the while struggling to sleep. For an outsider, the city is a lonely place. But unknown to Shannon, she is far from alone. Something watching her from very nearby has big plans for that face.

Storage (Directed by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg)

Synopsis: When moving boxes into a cellar storage a man and his daughter confronts a mysterious monster. Soon their ordinary afternoon turns into a desperate struggle for survival trapped in the creepy building catacombs below.

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