There may be plenty of blood and guts in a zombie apocalypse, but that doesn't mean that the funny moments don't live on with the shambling corpses, and artist and writer Jeff Fuller brings out the humor in apocalyptic horror in Zomics, a living dead comic strip series that we're proud to now feature on Daily Dead.

Influenced by Dr. Seuss and The Addams Family creator Charles Addams, Fuller has worked as an award-winning art director for nearly a quarter of a century, garnering multiple Emmy and BDA awards. He turned his artistic talents to zombies when he started thinking about the comedic qualities that would live on in a zombified world:

"The origin of Zomics: While camping with my wife and kids we stared discussing what life would be like if there really were zombies. We decided that it would be a little scary, a little gross and a lot of funny. This was the birth of the single panel zombie comic strip, or ZOMICS for short."

To kick off our collaboration with Fuller, we're sharing three installments of his Zomics series with Daily Dead readers. You can view them by clicking on the image below, and be sure to check back every Thursday for a new addition to Zomics.