Every once in a while, Danny Boyle will mention his plans for another sequel to 28 Days Later, often referred to as 28 Months Later. In a recent interview, he talked about the chances of the sequel seeing the light of day and you may not want to place a bet on these odds:

via Wired - "Are you surprised that a decade after you made 28 Days Later, zombies are still all the rage? It was such a revisionist take.

Danny Boyle: Who would have thought? I don’t like zombie movies. I never did. We took a genre and fucked with it. Zombie aficionados, they’re quite precious with all their rules. Like with running: “They don’t do that!” Of course there are so many manifestations of zombies now, the rule book has gone out the window. I saw one episode of The Walking Dead, and it was very gripping. But the zombies were stumbling around again, which I hate.

Wired: You produced that movie’s sequel, 28 Weeks Later, and there’s talk about you directing the next installment, which obviously has to be called 28 Months Later. Is that in the works?

Danny Boyle: Given what we’ve just been talking about, it’s very difficult to know whether zombies are overexposed now as a concept. So it’s 40/60 whether it happens or not. But we did have an idea of where to set it and what it might be about."

Source: Wired via Dread Central