Abattoir is a passion project for Darren Lynn Bousman, who has been developing the property for a number of years. It first saw the light of day as a limited comic book series and we now have word that Bousman will be directing the feature film version. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, here's the comic book series synopsis:

"After a brutal massacre takes place in a gorgeous house, real estate agent and family man Richard Ashwalt is assigned the impossible task of picking up the pieces and selling the property. As Richard inspects the blood-soaked grounds, a twisted old man journeys to the house with a sinister and terrifying purpose. Richard is about to be drawn into a web of shadows, murders and massacres that will shatter him to his very core!"

Additionally, Variety added that the story will follow: "a Boston real-estate reporter who unearths an urban legend about someone who has spent decades buying homes where horrific tragedies have occurred in order to build the ultimate haunted house — the Abattoir."

Abattoir is currently in pre-production so stay tuned for casting announcements in the near future. Shooting is set to start at the beginning of next year, with a release date penciled in for Fall 2014. *This story was submitted by Jemma George

Source: Variety