Darren Lynn Bousman is one of the most inventive creators in the immersive entertainment space today and the fact that many of his events run for a limited time, means you have to catch them before they're gone forever. His latest event, ONE DAY DIE, is a virtual interactive séance and, after selling out in October, they've added two additional shows:

"After a successful run of sold out shows throughout the month of October, SAW director Darren Lynn Bousman is extending ONE DAY DIE, his virtual interactive séance experience, for two additional shows on Saturday, November 7th at 6 pm and 8 pm PST. Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE.

Created by Bousman, Daniel Garcia, Blake Vogt and screenwriter Joshua Dietz, ONE DAY DIE is a macabre, paranormal immersive show where participants can enjoy a spooky evening from the comfort of their own homes, while still getting to enjoy a highly interactive event. An innovative 90-minute experience featuring numerous actors, sets, and branching narratives, ONE DAY DIE isn’t a traditional online haunt either, as Bousman and his team of collaborators send every participant a handmade mysterious box ahead of their show that contains items they need in order interact with the experience.

The only rule for ONE DAY DIE is that participants must not open their boxes until the show begins, or the consequences could be dire (demonic entities have been known to get mad when you don’t follow the rules). Part of the fun of ONE DAY DIE is how everything unfolds, so keeping the boxes sealed helps preserve the experience for those participating.

Then, on the night of their show, every participant will be instructed on how to use the contents of their boxes to conduct a séance in an attempt to make contact with the other side. They also encourage attendees to invite others in their respective households (without breaking COVID-19 protocols, of course) to join them in participating in this immersive experience.

To learn more about taking part in ONE DAY DIE, you can check out the event’s website at: https://www.onedaydie.com/main.

For those wanting to reserve a space for the November 7th shows for ONE DAY DIE, please visit https://access.onedaydie.com/ to purchase your tickets today."