Last summer, it was revealed that David S. Goyer would be directing the fifteenth episode The Walking Dead Season 4, but the official credits that were recently released listed Greg Nicotero as the director. We've seen some conflicting reports, so we wanted to provide The Walking Dead fans with official word from AMC.

This started with a quote from David S. Goyer from a DC Entertainment party last July via i09:

"I'm doing a Walking Dead this year — the penultimate episode [of the season]. I haven't gotten my script yet... I heard it's an episode where something really bad happens."

The writer and director is known for his work on Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, the Blade movies, and he wrote the screenplay for Man of Steel. With DC pushing forward on Batman/Superman and Justice League movies, we weren't sure he had the time available and that turned out to be the case. AMC has confirmed that David S. Goyer was indeed going to direct, but a scheduling conflict came up and Greg Nicotero took on the episode.

Greg Nicotero has directed some of The Walking Dead's best episodes, so we're sure fans don't mind. With David S. Goyer's increasingly busy schedule, it seems unlikely they'll be able to get him for the fifth season, but we'll let readers know if anything changes. Here are more details and a preview for The Walking Dead Episode 415:

The Walking Dead Episode 415 - Us: "However brutal some survivors believe they must be to stay alive, we get to see that faith can sometimes be the strongest survival tool."

Written by: Nichole Beattie & Seth Hoffman
Directed by: Greg Nicotero


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