Dead Island publisher Deep Silver gave us a new trailer for the recently released Bloodbath Arena DLC, and let us know about a Christmas contest they're running all month long. 

"So we're giving a ton of awesome stuff away between now and Christmas! You know how in Dead Island when you kill a zombie you can loot it for money, purple machetes, deodorant and random stuff? Well, our zombie obsession has gotten so severe that we have no choice, in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence and/or violations of the Geneva Convention, to relieve the pent up desire to eat faces and randomly disembowel innocent bystanders in order to TRULY understand the plight of the zombie. So we decided we'd like for you to LOOT US!

We've set up this little website here:

and every day there will be a new zombie or Dead Island related trivia question or puzzle for you. We'll be giving out tons of prizes for correct answers, both in Dead Island goodies and other OMG COVET stuff like Astro A40 headsets...

Some of the stuff up for grabs includes:
A collection of 10 classic zombie flicks on Blu-Ray
A PS3 with a hand airbrushed Dead Island design
A 46" Sony Bravia 3D HDTV
A 1 week vacation for 2 to a tropical island AND a hand airbrushed Dead Island Xbox 360"