Dead Island Novel Announced

2011/07/27 21:30:22 +00:00 | Jonathan James

The cinematic teaser trailer turned Dead Island from a virtually unknown title to one of the most talked about games this year. The buzz has allowed Dead Island to expand into other forms of media including a new Dead Island novel that will be released this September.

"Bantam today announced it is publishing Dead Island, the official novelisation of Deep Silver’s game, written by British Fantasy Award winning author, Mark Morris. Due for simultaneous release with the video game, Dead Island offers a terrifying glimpse into the horrors thrust upon the four individuals who have unwittingly embarked upon the ultimate holiday from Hell.

Exploding onto the scene with the most successful video game trailer of all time, Dead Island is set to become one of the biggest game releases of 2011.

The official announcement trailer has already gained over 10 million views and 6.2 million Twitter mentions in just 4 months, and has won a flurry of awards, including ‘Gold Lion in Film and Film Craft Category’ at this year’s Festival de Cannes, for those of you who’ve forgotten what that trailer was, here it is again:

For guests of the five-star Royal Palms Resort it was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday; an escape to the stunning beaches of a tropical paradise unlike any other. But a mysterious zombie outbreak suddenly – and without warning – rips apart the pacific paradise island of Banoi, and four individuals with distinctive backgrounds and abilities seem to be unaffected by the zombie apocalypse.

As the zombie outbreak spreads, will they be strong enough to stand against the endless zombie hordes, to protect the remaining survivors from a horrible fate and to flee the island? In the face of an unprecedented zombie apocalypse, they have only one thing left to do: survive.

The Dead Island novel is currently due for simultaneous release with the video game this September.

Welcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come true… but where a nightmare is about to begin…"

Published by Bantam • 8th September 2011 • Paperback Original • Priced, £6.99

“Having marvelled, like the rest of the world, at the stunning trailer earlier this year, I absolutely leaped at the opportunity to write the official Dead Island tie-in novel. This is a rich, exotic world of well-conceived characters, stunning locations and all-out zombie mayhem. What really attracted me to the project, however, was the fact that behind the nonstop action is a complex and multi-layered plot. I’m hugely excited and massively honoured to be a part of the Dead Island phenomenon.”

MARK MORRIS, author of Dead Island

Source: Official Press Release