A patch was available for European players last week, but Deep Silver has announced that PlayStation 3 users in North America can now download the latest patch for the Dead Island. While the patch is expected to fix a number of issues, the main update players have been waiting for is a fix for a PS3-specific issue with saved game corruption:

"Update: The Dead Island PS3 patch for North American users is now live and available on PSN. Addresses issues with save game features and improves co-op functionality. Thanks very much for your patience, everyone!"

There is no news yet on other future patches and updates, but the Bloodbath Arena DLC was expected to be released by the end of the month, so we could be hearing about it any day now. In case you missed yesterday's news, it was announced that Lionsgate acquired the rights to develop a Dead Island movie: http://dailydead.com/dead-island-movie-rights-acquired-by-lionsgate/