Dead Island Screenshots

2011/02/18 14:31:19 +00:00 | Jonathan James

By now I'm sure you and most of the internet have already seen the official announcement trailer for Dead Island. While the trailer did a great job of grabbing everyone's attention, it was a cinematic trailer, and I was curious about how the actual game looked.

Thankfully, the Dead Island developers wasted no time in releasing a new batch of screenshots that show off the in-game engine. As far as the graphics are concerned, I think the game looks fine, but now I want to see some in-game footage. They've said that this will be a first-person shooter/adventure/RPG hybrid and I really want to know if it is going to be more of an RPG like Fallout: Vegas or more action like Borderlands. Since the game is scheduled for release later this year, I'd expect that we'll have some in-game footage by the time e3 rolls around this year.

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