Dead-Rising-3-trailerIf you're planning on being one of the first to own the new Xbox One and were going to pick up Dead Rising 3, you may want to consider pre-ordering it. Microsoft has just announced that there will be a special Dead Rising 3 Day One Edition that contains exclusive items:

"To commemorate the launch of Xbox One, Day One Editions are special game SKUs that include exclusive content and are available only through retail pre-order while supplies last, or via download on Xbox Live the first two weeks after launch."

Dead Rising 3 Day One Edition:

"'Dead Rising' Tribute Pack featuring exclusive game content and bonus attribute perks.

Classic Frank West outfit with Frank’s Zombie Slugger weapon, extra gory attacks and a custom skill move. Also includes attribute perks for increased melee damage and tougher survivors.

Official Chuck Greene outfit with Paddle Saw combo weapon that cuts through zombie hordes with increased damage and durability. Also includes attribute perks for vehicle and weapon durability."

We've included a look at both outfits below. To learn more about Dead Rising 3, check out our recent coverage:

"Available exclusively for Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 marks the return of one of the most popular zombie video game franchises. Set 10 years after the events of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2, players are introduced to Nick Ramos, a young mechanic with a strange tattoo and a mysterious past, who must find a way to escape a city full of zombies before an impending military strike wipes the city of Los Perdidos, California, and everyone in it, off the map. Nick can’t do it alone – he must join up with other survivors to stay alive. They must fight their way out before it’s too late.

With an immersive open-world experience, intense action, and unmatched level of weapon and character customization, a new generation of zombie-slaying fun has arrived with Dead Rising 3."



Source: Microsoft

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