A Xenomorph, a band of brotherly turtles, and a lethal katana. After recently announcing their SDCC 2014 exclusives, Diamond Select Toys has now revealed a new lineup of upcoming releases, which includes a nod to the 35th anniversary of Alien, showcases the ready-for-battle (and on the brink of their feature film adaptation) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and also contains two items from The Walking Dead that Michonne has left her mark on.

Two new batches of Minimates, a Michonne sword letter opener set, and a vinyl bust bank of one of Michonne's zombie pets: you can order these and other DST releases in next month's issue of the Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews catalogue, but you can pre-order them anytime through your local comic book shop, which you can find using comicshoplocator.com. We have details and images of these collectibles for you to check out now:

"Alien Minimates 35th Anniversary Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys Release! It's been 35 years since Ridley Scott's Alien set a new bar for both science fiction and horror and created a world that still amazes and terrifies us! DST is honoring the film that started it all with a special box set of four Minimates mini-figures, including Ripley, Kane, Parker and the Big Chap hiself, the original Xenomorph! Each fully poseable Minimate stands approximately 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including a facehugger alien and the ship's cat, Jonesy! Packaged on a blister card. (Item #JUL142034 SRP: $19.99)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Blind Bag Series 1 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The heroes on the half-shell are joining the Minimates family, and we're offering them in a whole new way! Each countertop display contains 18 blind-bagged pouches, and each pouch contains one 2-inch Minimates mini-figure, featuring interchangeable parts and accessories. Each display holds nine different Minimates, including Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, April O'Neil, Shredder, Foot Soldier, Footbot and a rare, one-per-case translucent Michelangelo! There's a full set in every case! Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL142033, SRP: $5.99/ea.)

Walking Dead Michonne's Sword Letter Opener Set

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The bad news: Your mailman is a zombie. The good news: Opening letters just got awesome! This letter opener is a miniature replica of Michonne's sword from The Walking Dead comic book, and its holder is a skewered zombie head. Feel like a hardened zombie killer every time you go to the mailbox! Packaged in a full-color slip case. (Item #JUL142042, SRP: $89.99)

Walking Dead Michonne's Pet Zombie #2 Vinyl Bust Bank

A Diamond Select Toys Release! One pet zombie is cool, but two pet zombies is hardcore! Give your Michonne bank the camoflauge she needs with a second armless, jawless pet zombie bank, featuring detailed sculpting and paint, as well as a coin slot on the back. A completely new sculpt, this walker is the perfect bookend to our first Pet Zombie bank, with Michonne in the middle! Packaged in a clear polybag. (Item #JUL142041, SRP: $22.99)"

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