Not long after acquiring the release rights to the buzzed-about Tragedy Girls, the studio Gunpowder & Sky is now taking a big step forward with their film adaptation of Jeff Hart's romantic zombie comedy action road trip (sounds fun, doesn't it?) novel, Eat, Brains, Love.

Deadline reports that Gunpowder & Sky has lined up Rodman Flender to direct the film adaptation of Eat, Brains, Love from a screenplay that will be written by Mike Herro and David Strauss.

Originally published in 2013, Eat, Brains, Love follows two high schoolers who are infected with a zombie virus, eat a good portion of their friends, and end up fleeing from the government and their teen psychic who is sent to capture them.

A play on words from the title of Elizabeth Gilbert's novel Eat, Pray, Love, Hart's "rom-zom-com," as fans of Shaun of the Dead might refer to it as, was followed by a sequel novel in 2014 titled Undead with Benefits.

Flender is no stranger to the horror genre, having helmed The Unborn (1991), Leprechaun 2, and Idle Hands, in addition to his directing credits for a wide range of TV series, including Millennium, Tales from the Crypt, and MTV's Scream.

Herror and Strauss, meanwhile, have worked primarily in the realms of comedy and drama, with writing credits for One Tree Hill, Hindsight, and The Royals.

Casting and further production details have yet to be revealed at this time, but we'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details are revealed on the new film from Gunpowder & Sky, DIGA Studios, and Full Fathom Five. In the meantime, for those unfamiliar with the Eat, Brains, Love novel, we have the official cover art and synopsis (via Amazon):

Source: Deadline
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