"Children don't just disappear in Iceland." And yet that's exactly what happens in the chilling trailer for the supernatural-charged mystery I Remember You, coming out in select theaters and on home media this November from IFC Midnight.

Co-written and directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson, I Remember You will be released in select theaters, VOD, and digital platforms beginning November 10th from IFC Midnight. You can watch the official trailer and check out the poster below.

Synopsis: "An elderly woman hangs herself in a church. A grieving father searches for the truth about what happened to his missing son. And a trio of young city dwellers unleash a sinister force when they begin renovating a cursed home on a remote island. They don’t know it yet, but each of these strangers is connected by a disturbing, decades-old secret—a mystery that holds the key to a series of terrifying supernatural events. Based on the acclaimed novel by the “Queen of Icelandic Crime,” this atmospheric chiller is both a hair-raising ghost story and a powerful tale of life beyond death."