Hungry for zombie stories that are as unpredictable as they are entertaining? If so, then Double Take's newly released Night of the Living Dead: Revival graphic novels might satisfy your voracious reading appetite. And if you're going to be in the Big Apple next week for New York Comic Con, Double Take will be giving away 10,000 copies at booth #2322.

Press Release: Double Take (2T) announced today that it will execute a mass sampling at New York Comic Con (“NYCC”) 2016. From October 6 to 9, 2T will give away 10,000 copies of their graphic novels as prizes at their booth: #2322.

The graphic novels are vibrant, diverse stories set in the universe of the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. They are much more than a compilation of the five episodes which 2T published as comic books during the past year as ten teams of artists, writers, and editors spent 45 days re-drawing, re-writing, and re-ordering each five-episode series so that they are more like “director’s cuts.” 2T released the graphic novels simultaneously last week for the ultimate binge-reading experience. The books are currently available at local comic shops, bookstores, and online.

To win a graphic novel, any NYCC attendee can spin the wheel at the 2T booth; 2T staff will also be on the floor handing out “tickets” that can be redeemed for a specific graphic novel.

Story Editor Michael Coast said, “The attendees of New York Comic Con are some of the most rabid and vocal comic book fans in the world. We believe that this audience will not only embrace the opportunity to pick up a free graphic novel, but that some of them will become our most rabid and vocal fans as well.”

General Manager Bill Jemas said, “We’re hoping new readers will enjoy our stories as much as our fans do, but we won’t know for sure until we try. I’ve handed out copies of our comics to hundreds of people – some good friends, some relative strangers. Some of them loved them, some not so much. Home is the only one my younger son really loves and it’s the only one that my older son doesn’t like. Fans of House seem to enjoy Medic and Slab. For the most part, core comic fans like Rise and Soul the best. And we’ve had the best overall response to Remote, Dedication, and Z-Men.”

Sales and Marketing Coordinator Michael Pfeiffer said, “It’s more than a giveaway, it’s a party. We’ve got a prize wheel, card games, trivia – but this will be a real challenge. NYCC is 150,000 people and there are only ten of us at Double Take. We don’t know if we’re going to have long lines or no lines. We’re rounding up volunteers to work the booth or spread the word or both.”

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