"It's alive!" Dr. Frankenstein's exclamation after bringing his creation to life is an iconic moment in horror history, but imagine if the same scene took place in a sun-splashed field rather than a shadowy lab. A farmer is giving new life to Dr. Frankenstein's monster with a batch of pumpkins grown to look like the face Boris Karloff made famous in his film depictions of the monster from Mary Shelley's classic 1818 novel.

Coompletely organic, the Pumpkinstein Pumpkins come from Cinagro Farms in Santa Clara Valley in Ventura County, California. Over the past four years, farmer Tony Dighera has perfected a special mold that he places on the pumpkins as they grow. The pumpkins form into the face of Dr. Frankenstein's monster as they mature, as the mold allows enough sunlight and air to keep the pumpkins healthy.

Those looking for a unique addition to their front porch horror shows this Halloween, take note: Tony is selling the edible Pumpkinstein Pumpkins for $125 apiece online. We have a look at the ghoulish gourds below (images thanks to Cinagrow Farms!). To learn more, visit:

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