In 1986, rather than play humans trying to stop a mutated threat to civilization, gamers got to be the monsters wreaking havoc on major cities in the Midway arcade game Rampage. A live action film adaptation of Rampage is now in development at New Line, with Dwayne Johnson set to star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson is lined up to star in the live action Rampage film, which is currently in development at New Line. Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) is penning the script and no director is attached at this time. New Line is looking to start rolling cameras on the project next summer. Johnson's specific role is not yet known, but it's believed that he will play someone attempting to stop the mutated monsters before they smash and eat everything in their path.

Although the majority of the plot details are unknown, it's expected that the film will follow the main story elements of the video game, giving us live action looks at three humans turned into mammoth monsters. Rampage lovers (both of the original 1986 game and its later sequels) fondly remember the giant gorilla George, the looming lizard Lizzie, and the jumbo werewolf Ralph. All three monsters were once humans, but were mutated after experiments went wrong at Scumlabs.

Upon discovering that their transformed states came with big appetites, the trio embarked on a tour of major world cities (and galactic communities in a later sequel) in search of food. Carnage ensued, and it will be interesting to see how New Line handles the tall order in special effects and story scope that a live action adaptation of Rampage will surely call for. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for further details.

Source: THR
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