Pinhead has become the hunted in BOOM! Studios' Hellraiser: Bestiary miniseries, but the holder of the Lament Configuration is fighting like hell to keep his pins from being plucked by poachers. In the fifth issue, due out in December, the head Cenobite receives aid from a surprising source, while the notorious puzzle box makes the rounds at a hospital, and we have a look at two covers for the next installment.

“Over the past three years, Clive Barker has re-imagined the HELLRAISER mythos as only he could, building a long-form narrative that became one of the best-received horror comics in recent memory. Now, the Master of Horror takes us into his Bestiary for an anthology series—free of continuity, but full of shocking consequences. This series will feature comics’ rising stars like Ed Brisson (Sheltered) and Michael Moreci (CURSE), and the first issue will feature the comics debut of award-winning novelist Victor LaValle (The Devil in Silver, Big Machine).

Step into the Bestiary for all-new tales of the LeMarchand Device and its guardians! This first issue contains the start of a six-part serial written by Mark Miller (CLIVE BARKER’S NEXT TESTAMENT) and Ben Meares (HELLRAISER ANNUAL 2013), and drawn by Carlos Magno (DEATHMATCH), where a team of mercenaries are hired to steal Pinhead’s pins. Also, superstar author Victor LaValle teams with artist Colin Lorimer (CURSE) to tell a story set on the outskirts of New York City, as a close-knit community is torn apart by the presence of the puzzle box.”


Retail Price: $3.99
Authors: Michael Moreci, Ben Meares, Mark Miller
Artists: Paolo Villanelli, Carlos Magno
Cover Artists: A: Conor Nolan B: Paolo Villanelli (INCENTIVE)

Synopsis: As we venture deeper into the Bestiary, Michael Moreci (HOAX HUNTERS) and Paolo Villanelli take the puzzle box through a hospital in “Don’t Look,” while in the penultimate chapter of “The Hunted,” Pinhead finds some unexpected help in his fight against the poachers.


CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER: BESTIARY #5 Retailer Incentive Cover (1:15)
by Paolo Villanelli

  • Derek Anderson
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