While the demonic nun version of Valak may be the first thing many horror fans think of when The Conjuring 2 comes to mind (especially after The Nun was released in 2018 and NECA unveiled their figure of the titular character), the Crooked Man is no doubt the source of plenty of nightmare fuel as well, and NECA is bringing the haunting entity to life in a new Ultimate figure that's featured in eerie photos ahead of its release this September.

Ultimate Crooked Man Figure: "The Conjuring Universe - 7” Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Crooked Man

NECA expands its horror collection with the first Ultimate figure in the Conjuring Universe line!

The Crooked Man appears as a manifestation of Valak the demon based on a children’s nursery rhyme. His terrifying appearance is perfectly replicated in this super posable 7” scale action figure, which comes with three different heads with unique sculpts, removable hat, zoetrope toy and umbrella.

The figure stands over 9” tall and comes in display friendly window box packaging with opening flap

Shipping Date: September 2019"

Photos from NECA:

Source: Facebook
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