Snake"Snake Plissken... I've heard of you. I heard you were dead." At their Comic-Con panel in July, Scream Factory revealed they would be releasing a Collector's Edition Blu-ray of Escape From New York sometime in 2015. News on the much-anticipated fresh home media release of the John Carpenter classic has been relatively quiet since then, but today the diligent distributor announced the Blu-ray's official release date.

Scream Factory has marked April 21st, 2015 as the release date for their Escape From New York Collector's Edition Blu-ray. The title's new artwork and pre-order links will be unveiled early next month and bonus features will be announced in February. Scream Factory plans to make this a 2-disc memorable release that can be treasured by Carpenter and Kurt Russell fans, so stay tuned for more announcements.


We can now report that the planned street date is 4/21.

As you know, we LOVE Carpenter films and we're attempting to pull out all the stops on this classic. We can tell you that the current plan is to make it a 2-disc blu-ray set. Full specs (listing new and existing extras) will be announced sometime in February. Pre-order links - and finished, newly-designed artwork - will go up sometime in early Jan so be on the lookout!"


Derek Anderson
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