Some prefer Mia's fight with the Abomination under a blood rain downpour. Others like watching Ash shoot at his hand or seeing him take on Deadites in 1300 AD. And there are those who enjoy the discovery of the Naturon Demonto, aka Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, by a group of college students. The Evil Dead 35mm Film Festival in New York aims to please all with showings of every film in the groovy franchise.

Taking place at The Palace Theater in Syracuse on October 24th beginning at 6:00pm, The Evil Dead 35mm Film Festival will include live music, beer, wine, and an auction of a brick from the cabin showcased in 1981's The Evil Dead. Collectible tickets are available for $16.50 online and $20 at the door. We have the full details below:

"EVIL DEAD 35mm Film Festival
Friday October 24th 2014

TICKETS ON SALE NOW !! Limited number of collectible tickets. Get them while they are hot. Click the link for tickets:

doors open at 6pm - Live music at 6:30pm
EVIL DEAD (re-make) 7pm - 35mm - Original 35mm print from SONY Pictures
DEAD BY DAWN - 8:30pm - 35mm - original 35mm print from Rialto Pictures
Original Evil Dead Cabin Brick auction - 9:55pm
ARMY OF DARKNESS - 10pm - 35mm - Restored 35mm print from Universal Pictures.
GRINDHOUSE 42nd Street Trailer reel Experience - 11:30pm - 35mm - Original 35mm trailers from Grindhouse Releasing
EVIL DEAD (original) - Midnight - like it should be - 35mm - Restored 35mm print from Grindhouse Releasing

Doors open at 6pm, lobby full of vendors, beer and wine served to those of legal drinking age. Original Evil Dead cabin brick auction. Live music from ONE LAST SHOT throughout the night. $20 at the door / $15 in advance.

Facebook event page:

Here's the address and phone number for The Palace Theater:

  • 2384 James St
  • Syracuse, New York 13206
  • (315) 463-9240

Looking for more classic horror and sci-fi on the big screen? On November 7th, the Palace Theater will host the Icons of Horror doubleheader of They Live and the 30th anniversary screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street, both on 35mm film prints. For more information, visit:

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