We recently featured The Battery in our Indie Spotlight, giving readers a look at the indie zombie film. The movie has been a hit on iTunes and is part of their zombie movie sale this week. To help celebrate, they've given us an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers.

"Two former baseball players, Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim), cut an aimless path across a desolate New England.  They stick to the back roads and forests to steer clear of the shambling corpses that patrol the once bustling cities and towns.  In order to survive, they must overcome the stark differences in each other’s personalities—Ben embraces an increasingly feral, lawless, and nomadic lifestyle—while Mickey is unable to accept the harsh realities of the new world.  Mickey refuses to engage in Ben’s violent games and longs for the creature comforts he once took for granted.  A bed, a girl, and a safe place to live.

When the men intercept a radio transmission from a seemingly thriving, protected community, Mickey will stop at nothing to find it, even though it is made perfectly clear that he is not welcome."

The Battery was written and directed by Jeremy Gardner and is now available in the US to rent or purchase on iTunesAmazonYouTubeGooglePlayVuDuXBOXSony Entertainment Network,CinemaNow, Nook, and many on-demand cable services. To learn more, visit their official website at: www.thebatterymovie.com