Last week we had the pleasure of sharing preview pages from Mike Mignola's Koshchei The Deathless #4, and this week we're excited to exclusively reveal the cover art for upcoming issues of two other "Mignolaverse" comic book series: B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #8 (featuring Hellboy's long-awaited return to the B.P.R.D. after a 17-year hiatus) and Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven #3 (of 5).

Hitting comic shop shelves this July from Dark Horse, you can view the gorgeously haunting cover art for B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #8 and Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven #3 (of 5) below, and be sure to keep an eye on Dark Horse Comics' official website to stay up to date on both series!

B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #8: "One agent’s confession brings the B.P.R.D. closer to finding the cult leader enslaving followers from across the country, and dissent within Varvara’s ranks leaves cracks in her plans for a new Pandemonium.

• Hellboy rejoins the B.P.R.D. after 17 years away!

  • Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Scott Allie (W), Sebastián Fiumara (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Max Fiumara (Cover)
  • On sale July 11
  • FC, 32 pages
  • Ongoing
  • $3.99"

Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven #3 (of 5): "The Witchfinder gets invaluable information from a strange source with ties to the Heliopic Brotherhood, meanwhile the supernatural activity in London hits a tipping point when a crazed, seemingly possessed man attacks people in the streets, and the dockside is thrown into an uproar when an enormous monster appears over the Thames.

  • Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), D’Israeli (A/Cover), and Michelle Madsen (C)
  • On sale July 18
  • FC, 32 pages
  • $3.99
  • Miniseries"

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