After taking a bite out of the social hub of "the town with pep" in last year's Chilling Adventures Presents... Pop's Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors, the terrifyingly talented team at Archie Comics is inviting readers to return for a second helping of horror in Chilling Adventures Presents... Pop's Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors: Fresh Meat. Before the new one-shot anthology hits menus this March, we're thrilled and chilled to exclusively reveal unlettered black-and-white interior artwork from the upcoming comic!

Below, you can check out our exclusive look at interior pages by Federico Sabbatini (for the story "Lord of the Fries," written by Amy Chase), Liana Kangas (for the story "Feed Me, Jughead," written by Jordan Morris), and Chris Panda (for the story "Free Market, Free Range," written by Ryan Cady).

Offering further insights into the frightful recipes behind these stories, we have comments from some of the creative team behind Chilling Adventures Presents... Pop's Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors: Fresh Meat!

Here's what writer Amy Chase had to say about reteaming with Federico Sabbattini for "Lord of the Fries":

“Once again, Federico and I will be tackling the book's frame story in ‘Lord of the Fries.’ This time, we get to delve into a classic Riverdale restaurant rivalry: Pop versus Segarini the pizzeria owner, but Pop's got a little help from friends in low places. If people thought the last issue had a lot of food puns, they haven't seen anything yet!”

In true This Is Spinal Tap fashion, writer Ryan Cady discussed "cranking things up to 11" for "Free Market, Free Range":

“It feels like we’re one-upping each other in all the best ways! Working on POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS was so natural and fun, just kicking around all these classic horror ideas and stories, and now we’re kind of cranking things up to 11!”

And Jordan Morris shared his excitement for writing a Little Shop of Horrors parody in "Feed Me, Jughead":

“Our last anthology, POP'S CHOCKLIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS, suggested a Little Shop of Horrors parody that the ex-high school drama club kid in me is furious didn't happen. I'm correcting that mistake with our story for this installment which features Jughead facing off against carnivorous alien vegetation. There won't be as much singing because it's a comic book, but we doubled down on the gore to make up for it.”

Chilling Adventures Presents... Pop's Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors: Fresh Meat will be served up in comic shops beginning March 20th! You can dig into the unlettered black-and-white interior artwork from the new one-shot below, and to learn more about all of the great releases coming from Archie Comics, be sure to visit their official website:

Also, for more scary good insights, check out our recurring "Archie's House of Horror" column written by Jamie L. Rotante, Senior Director of Editorial and writer at Archie Comics!


Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe has been around for what feels like forever… but how? In this thrilling horror anthology, we learn just how Pop’s infamous malt shop came to harbor such evils, and the cursed deals he makes to ensure his doors always stay open. From the full creative team that brought you last year’s successful Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors, we learn the nefarious origin of the beloved hometown haunt, with stories filled with shady business deals, carnivorous plants, and the horrors of small business ownership.

Script: Amy Chase, Jordan Morris, Ryan Cady
Art: Federico Sabbatini, Liana Kangas, Chris Panda

Colors: Ellie Wright

Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Adam Gorham
Variant Cover: Aaron Lea
On Sale Date: 3/20

32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

"Lord of the Fries" Artwork by Federico Sabbatini:

"Lord of the Fries" Artwork by Federico Sabbatini:

"Feed Me, Jughead" Artwork by Liana Kangas:

"Free Market, Free Range" Artwork by Chris Panda:

Cover Art by Adam Gorham:

Variant Cover Art by Aaron Lea:

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