We've had a number of readers asking us for more information about The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu’s latest project Scared of the Dark, so we have gotten our hands on the first plot details, along with some new casting information. Keep in mind that the following plot details are not the official synopsis and may contain spoilers:

We've been told that the movie follows a young woman (Zoe Aggeliki), who has a long-term phobia of the dark and a strange scar on her wrist that looks like a Japanese symbol. She is convinced that it is the source of her problems, but her father says it's a simple scar. She visits multiple doctors and no one is able to help her, until she meets an expert in the paranormal who reveals that it is a terrible Japanese curse. She discovers that two days after her scar bleeds, someone dies in the dark...

Her boyfriend begins to see a scarred man who only appears in the dark. As the darkness becomes increasingly stressful and unbearable, they must figure a way to deal with the curse. We don't want to provide any major spoilers that will ruin the movie, so the only other item we'll mention is that we've been told that one of the characters in the movie knows more than they claim to know.

The cast includes Zoe Aggeliki, David Gallagher, Alison Lohman (in talks), Jason Dohring, Jake Weber, Ted Raimi, Yuya Ozeki, Maya Hazen, Rosa Blasi, Tereyuki Kagawa, Alyssa Shafer. We're expecting additional casting details and the official plot synopsis later this week, so keep an eye out for our future coverage.

*Editor's Note: As an update to this story, we are told that Ghost House Pictures will not be producing this project.

  • Erk

    Awesome! cant wait to see this movie with a beautiful girl to lead !

  • Hideo Nakata and Takashi Shimizu ? Zoe Aggeliki and Alison Lohman ? oh yes please!

  • This girl should be my wife! paaaaa :( ! i saw an video interview of her for the fashion in NYC! Thanks Daily Dead! Thanks Sam Raimi, Thanks Ghost House Pictures, Thanks Hideo Nakata and Takashi Shimizu to have chosen Zoi to play the lead role with Gallagher, Dohring and Lohman! this movie will kick ASS all remakes! My FAV model in my fav kind of movies… What else ?! Thank you!

  • the plot is superb! I can not wait to see the movie come out with this awesome model and David together!

  • Tak Sakaguchi’s girlfriend as executive producer! seriously, this movie gonna ba awesome!

  • Does anybody know if this movie is still happening?