Kristian brought readers an exclusive interview with Adam Green during the San Diego Comic Con and he recently had a chance to talk to Adam Green and Joe Lynch once again during their promotion of Holliston's Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD release. Not only did he learn about some of their favorite moments from the first season, but what we can expect from season 2. They also shared some interesting stories about encounters with crazy fans at horror events:

What would you say was your favorite episode from the first season?

Adam Green: It is really hard to pick. My favorite episode from a writing standpoint has to be the 3rd episode, because it is the most unique episode out of the entire season. It was the episode where Joe and I got trapped into the bathtub together. It's challenging in a number of ways because you don’t have different wardrobes or new characters coming in and out. So it was a challenge keeping the story elevated and moving forward in such a trapped scenario.

The other thing about that episode is you get to see Corri and Laura carry half of that episode. I always say there isn’t a lead character in the show. There are four of us and Corri and Laura are 50% of the show and Joe and I are 50% of the show. That is the first episode you really got to see those two shine, so that would have to be my favorite episode.

Joe Lynch: My favorite episode is the final episode of the season for many reasons. One reason is that we got to do a Comic Con convention-type thing. For all horror fans, you know how it is after you have been in there for an hour. You know the smell and the kind of people that come into there so being able to do an episode at a horror convention was a lot of fun. Plus I got to have Kane Hodder punch me out which was awesome, and so was Danielle Harris. Then to have John Landis there to play an asshole was one of the most gratifying things I have taken out of Holliston. Plus you get to see what kind of comes to a head with Shinpads.

I heard you guys are doing an animated episode for season two. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Joe Lynch: We are actually working on that right now. When Adam said we were going to do an animated episode, we were excited about it. Plus the things we could do with us animated was nearly endless. We could get out of the confines of a normal show.

Adam Green: The show is kind of like a cartoon with the over the top violence, so to be able to do a cartoon episode really just helped us go even further with what we could do. If you like Hanna-Barbera then you will be very happy with this episode.

When I talked to you two at Comic-Con, you briefly mentioned a Christmas special. Are you allowed to say more about it right now?

Adam Green: What we can say now is that it will air in December and it is an hour Christmas special that bridges the gap between season 1 and season 2. For fans of the show, you will definitely want to see it so you are ready for season 2. A lot of the episode is flashbacks during a blizzard and there are also two killers on the loose inside of the town. Being in the Blizzard, we all sit back and talk about how we met, so there are flashbacks of when we were children. There are also things that go down between the characters and it alters them going into season 2. We are editing it right now and we are really proud of it. It is very special.

Joe Lynch: It is very special, very very special.

Adam Green: It is a way also to keep Holliston fresh in people’s minds between when the DVD comes out and when Season 2 starts next spring. By doing the Christmas special, it will keep the fans excited. There are going to be little hints of things to come, so it won’t be just a stand alone. Fans can say "Oh my god! It was all right there!"

Going back to the last episode of the horror season at the horror convention, have you ever had a crazy fan that scared you or a moment  where Adam got in the face of Danielle Harris?

Adam Green: Absolutely! At least 99% of the people at the conventions are the nicest people you can meet. Then there are two types of other people:

The first is the one person who thinks they have the opportunity to advance their career and they do not understand the legal predicaments they are putting you in by pitching you and handing you scripts. That gets very frustrating.

Then there are the stalker weirdos and two experiences come to mind. One was in London and it was my second or third year there. A fan got so excited, she grabbed my hair and started trying to pull it out. She wasn’t hurting me and I could tell she didn’t know why she was doing it and couldn’t control herself. All I kept screaming was: “I’m not even famous, I’m not even famous!”

The other one was when I was in Chicago in 2007. There was a guy dressed up as Batman at a horror convention and got up in the face of Joleigh Fioravanti, the actress who played Jenna from Hatchet. He got up to the line and asked if he could have her number and she said she couldn’t. He asked again and she said the same thing. He ended up getting out of line and going to the back of the line and waited for ninety minutes and when he came back to the table he asked for her email address. She said she again couldn’t do that and he screamed at her to give him her email address. That's when security ended up escorting him out of the line.

Later that night, we left to go to our hotel rooms. A few minutes later she knocked on my door and asked if she could sleep in my room because I had two beds. He was waiting outside of her door and had paid someone to tell him what room she was in.

Joe Lynch: The only time something weird happened to me was also at Fright Fest. Social media has become a way for people to communicate and promote their stuff and Adam and I are very personable to our fans on there. I usually don’t talk about my wife and my kid because that is my personal life and this guy comes up to the table and he is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of my dog on it. It was just so awkward and then he started asking things about my wife. It was just a very awkward situation and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I meet people all the time and when people start asking about your personal life that is when it can get a little weird.

Adam Green: The only time I usually draw the line is when people ask me about my wife.

For my last question, can you talk about some of the guest stars that will pop up on Season 2?

Joe Lynch: Yeah, we have some returning people from Season 1 like Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, and Danielle Harris. We set it up with what happened to them at the end of Season 1. They will have much bigger roles in Season 2. We will also have James Gunn in season 2 and David Naughton from An American Werewolf in London. We can guarantee this will be a great season with a lot of surprises and the fans will definitely enjoy it. There are a lot of "What the hell???" moments.


Holliston Season 1 is now available on Blu-ray/DVD and Season 2 is currently filming. To learn more, check out the first season trailer:

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