Magma Comix announces PRINCIPLES OF NECROMANCY, a new horror fantasy comic book series due out on April 3rd from Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Eamon Winkle. As part of Magma's 2024 inaugural release slate, we have all the details and a look at the cover art!

"Magma Comix is kicking off 2024 PRINCIPLES OF NECROMANCY! The phenomenal writing duo of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Outsiders, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek) return to creator-owned comics with this macabre series brought to life by the evocatively horrific art of Eamon Winkle. Each issue features a variant cover by Jana Heidersdorf (Dark Souls)

There is no such thing as magic.

The City King has driven the barbarian hordes to the edge of the world - ushering in an age of reason and medicine. But in the dark woods beyond his reach, where the last pagans still keep their ancient ways, a single man of civilization is about to show the true meaning of "medical miracle." His goal: to overcome death itself. And god help the man or king who stands in his way.

Behold the glorious and gut-wrenching work of Doctor Jakob Eyes, the world's first necromancer.

Series co-creators Kelly and Lanzing, spoke of the project:

The Principles of Necromancy is our first creator-owned comics series since 2016 - and it came out of a mutual hunger to tell a fantasy narrative while also being birthed through a wide-ranging discussion about the ways magic is approached in such settings. We talked a lot about the strange figure that a doctor cuts in our own lives - that help you hope you never need - and thought what it might look like to turn that character into an iconic wizard-esque figure in a setting bereft of magic. If you only know us from our work at Marvel and DC, I think Principles of Necromancy should feel like a natural evolution. It’s our character-oriented horror from One Bad Day: Clayface mixed with the strange sadness and surreal world building from our Guardians of the Galaxy. But this is also a world unlike any we’ve played in before - closer to Conan or Berserk than to our creator-owned pop albums like Joyride. It’s a whole new flavor for the Hivemind - and one we’re having a ton of fun putting together.” 

Principles of Necromancy #1 drops Apr. 3rd and is now available for preorder. Follow Magma Comix on Instagram, Twitter/X, Facebook, BlueSky, and Discord, or join the melting pot at Magma Comix logo by Dan Panosian."

Cover by Eamon Winkle: 

Variant Cover by Jana Heidersdorf: