Walking-Dead-HollywoodLast night marked the opening of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and we were invited to check out their new haunted attraction, which included a maze inspired by The Walking Dead. We have more impressions and photos coming soon, but wanted to give Daily Dead readers an exclusive look at The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven.

"“The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” maze, inspired by season 3 of AMC’s Golden Globe-nominated, Emmy Award-winning television series, will strike at the heart of this dynamic “Halloween Horror Nights” film set location, abandoning guests in the dead of night amid hordes of morbidly decomposing, flesh-eating zombies.

With life imitating art, guests will first be tasked to brave swarms of ravenous zombies milling aggressively about the maze entry in a terrifying zombie apocalypse scare zone. A putrid infestation of predatory walkers with an unwavering appetite for humans will lurk throughout the backlot’s dark alleyways and protective doorways with only one place to escape: the maze.

If guests survive this fleet of crazed, blood-thirsty walkers, the terror begins.

“The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” haunted maze will place “Halloween Horror Nights” guests at the core of the show’s once impenetrable prison, the West Georgia Correctional Facility, now overrun by decaying walkers. The eerily authentic and disturbingly real attraction will send them cowering through the walker-infested wilderness that surrounds the prison and into the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury where gruesome secrets are concealed.

“‘The Walking Dead’ maze that Universal Studios Hollywood is bringing to life at this year’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ event will take credibility to entirely new levels,” said Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer, Director and Special Effects Makeup Supervisor for AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” “Universal’s creative team is painstakingly re-creating the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ for this year’s maze and the level of authenticity will make guests and fans feel like they’ve stepped into Season 3. Located on the production backlot area of the studio, people will be able to experience iconic moments from the show up close and personal.”"

Editor's Note: We want to give a big thanks to Kristian and Fernanda Hanson for the photos and covering this event for Daily Dead. Look for their impressions and photos from the other mazes in the coming days.

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