COVID-19 has impacted so many people in so many different ways and we're starting to see more and more of the art that has been created during the pandemic lockdown or as a result of the pandemic. Haunthology is a new graphic novel from Jeremy Haun, featuring 24 interlocking short stories that reflect the claustrophobia, isolation, and uncertainty that was experienced over the last year, and we have an exclusive preview, along with details on the newly launched Kickstarter campaign:

An online binge shopper receives a grisly package.

A horde of the decaying undead grapples with its dwindling humanity.

A family man endures an endless grind of the mundane as cosmic madness looms outside.

The Beauty and The Realm writer and artist Jeremy Haun returns to crafting insightful, biting horror with HAUNTHOLOGY, a graphic novel of 24 interlocking short comic stories. Using a stark black-and-white palette, Haun started the project in April 2020 to reflect the claustrophobia, isolation, and uncertainty that threw the world into chaos. Haun blends that real-world dread with the iconic horror lexicon of monsters, creeps, and murderers, creating an unforgettable experience that will fuel countless sleepless nights—and provide a new lens of catharsis and reflection on the past year.

“HAUNTHOLOGY is a collection of short horror stories that examines all of the things we felt over the past year and a half during Covid. Each story stands on its own, but also connects to a bigger mythos within the book and my larger oeuvre,” Haun explains. “When the comics industry went ‘Pencils Down,’ leaving many comic writers and artists in professional limbo, I needed something to focus on. For me, that focus is telling stories. I decided to focus on one story—just a short feeling. That led to another. And another. The cumulative work is this anthology.”

Haun worked alongside designer Fonografiks (Saga, The Beauty) and editor Joel Enos to produce Haunthology, producing the sequential art equivalent of the chilling prose short story collections that inspired him in his youth.

“I’ve always loved collections of short stories,” Haun says. “They’re most common in prose—they’re more rare in comics. I wanted to do something that was all me-- a comics version of what you’d see from Stephen King, Joe Hill, Clive Barker, Laird Barron, or Nathan Ballingrud.”

Haun is releasing the project as a Kickstarter, set to launch on July 6, 2021. Visit the preview page to see the reward tiers and get a preview of the terror to come.

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