The second volume of Moon Lake is now available from Heavy Metal and Simon & Schuster, and we have an exclusive preview just for Daily Dead readers, along with comments from series creator Dan Fogler! The release of Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy is an expanded edition that not only builds upon the Moon Lake concept for the graphic novel, but also sets up this world for an upcoming animated series.

"Moon Lake is a mysterious portal into the bizarre, the demented, and the monstrous. Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy chronicles the Rise of the Zombie king and his undead hordes. Our favorite misfit characters: Cave girl & Zrex, Mr. Space Time, and Alfredo the Sasquatch must join together to defeat the overwhelming forces of evil who inhabit the Moon and threaten to destroy Moon Lake and the world!

Moon Lake creator, actor/writer Dan Fogler, brings readers shocking tales of terror written by himself, Andrew Harrison, Warren Allman, and more, and illustrated by an all-star team, in this second volume in the Moon Lake graphic novel series. Featuring new stories by writers/artists Karl Slominski and Gene DeCicco. This darkly hilarious anthology will give you laughs and nightmares well into the afterlife!"

Dan Fogler was kind enough to provide some exclusive comments on the new release to give Daily Dead readers a tease of what they can find within the expanded edition of Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy:

“I’m extremely excited for fans to read the expanded edition of Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy for several reasons. First of all, I was really able to shape the book into an elaborate storyboard for my concept of what a Moon Lake animated series might look like. It was always my intention to adapt this graphic novel into an animated show and this volume (volume 2 in the Moon Lake series) is the blueprint. Here the concept is introduced that the Man in the Moon is hosting a show for an attentive alien studio audience inside the Moon. And the "reality" show they're all addicted to is Moon Lake…the freakiest place on earth.

Similar physics exist in Moon Lake that are akin to the island in Lost or the town in WandaVision. Moon Lake is located on the border of Canada and America and it is a haunted place, displaced from time. Once you enter, it's almost impossible to leave. It’s an energetic crossroads of so many different dimensions of evil that it's hysterical! Anything goes…like zombie dinosaurs fighting alongside Sasquatch against invading alien hordes! And now my dream is coming to fruition with Heavy Metal teaming up with Bardel Entertainment and Daniel Powell to do the Moon Lake animated series.

Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy is filled with such great talent, featuring art from Darick Robertson (The Boys), Jeff Stokley (Six-Gun Gorilla), Alex Horley (Savage Avengers) and Alex Sheikman (The Dark Crystal) to name a few! I’m very proud to share it, and I’m ready to hear your feedback on Instagram at @foglersfictions. Enjoy!”

With cover art by Nadir Balan and Lizzy John, we have preview pages from three short stories:

  • “Desensitized Deirdre 2” /  created by Dan Fogler and R.H. Stavis / written by Dan Fogler / illustrated by Dan Dougherty / colors by Wesley Wong
  • “Mr. Space Time” / written by Dan Fogler and Andrew Harrison / illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk
  • “Goodnight Sweet Prince of Darkness” / written and illustrated by Karl Slominski / title page art by Dennis Carlsson

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