Scott Snyder and Jock, the creative team behind comic books The Batman Who Laughs and Batman: Black Mirror, reunited for Book of Evil, "a serialized horror story that blends prose and multiple styles of illustration to create something terrifyingly original." With designs from Emma Price, and as part of the multi-book deal between Comixology and Best Jackett Press, issues of this experimental horror series have been released exclusively on Comixology, and we have a preview of the upcoming conclusion that you can read right now!

"Told and presented in an innovative format, Book of Evil tells the story of four young friends growing up in a strange near future where over 90 percent of the population are born as psychopaths. Despite the danger, the four set off together on a journey that will take them down the roads and rivers of this transformed America in the hope of finding a place where goodness still lives.

Imagine a world where nearly every baby born is a future psychopath. There’s no answer as to why the change is happening. Is this human evolution? Devolution? A virus? Can it be cured? Regardless, just like that, the new normal is psychopathy.

Homer is a curious, quiet, and determined 12-year-old boy—and an artist. The story of Book of Evil unfolds in first person narration from Homer’s point of view, featuring his journal entries, alongside his illustrations from his journey—as well as excerpts of a cartoon strip called “The Book of Evil.” This popular cartoon featured an everyman named Everett who time traveled, met heroic figures of the past, and murdered them in hyper-violent ways. Was the cartoonist telling a story to entertain? Or was he leaving clues in “The Book of Evil” for those, like Homer and his friends, looking to change the world?"

Book of Evil #4 will be released on August 29th and you can purchase it at:


Book of Evil #4: "Through trial and tribulation, the kids have finally made it to the refuge promised in the Book of Evil, but will what they find be salvation or something even more terrible than the home they left behind."