Swallower of Shades is the first of a 4-book splatter western one-shot series with creative teams that include Scott Bryan Wilson and Robert Gaughran, R.K. Latch and Arjuna Susini, J.M. Brandt and Tom Napolitano, and Michelle Garza and Dan Franco. With all books featuring cover art from Garry Brown, we have a reveal of the cover and exclusive preview pages from J.M. Brandt and Tom Napolitano's Swallower of Shades:

"A chance encounter between a sideshow owner and a man with his fair share of secrets unleashes an unholy terror on the folk of Randall’s Oasis and Professor Morris’ Pageant of Curiosities. A grisly murder brings the attention of fastidious Sheriff Jacob Dillon. What will he discover in the desert, and how will he stop it? Read the darkly comedic Splatter Western Swallower of Shades to find out those shocking answers!"

Swallower of Shades has an planned release this Summer from Dead Sky Publishing. Grown from former Stygian Sky Media and its imprint Death's Head Press (which still exists as an imprint under Dead Sky Publishing), they're known for their "Splatter Westerns," the unholy merging of splatterpunk and weird westerns.

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