As a special Valentine's Day treat for Daily Dead readers, we have an exclusive look at the teaser trailer for The Fetus! Written and directed by Joe Lam, the film stars Bill Moseley, Lauren LaVera, Julian Curtis, and Amy Arena, taking an unexpected twist on pregnancy horror films:

"When Alessa becomes pregnant, it brings up Chris' deep-rooted trauma surrounding fatherhood. Upon discovering that their fetus craves human blood, they visit their father, Maddox, for answers."

Producer Brent Trotter shares his thoughts on The Fetus' timely message and what makes it stand out: "This gripping humorous horror film delves into a thought-provoking pro-choice/pro-life debate, over a demonic fetus growing inside a woman's body. I believe it's a timely exploration given the upcoming election cycle that will inevitably thrust this topic into the national spotlight again. What sets THE FETUS apart is its ability to resonate deeply with younger diverse audiences, particularly capturing the attention of female viewers, especially mothers or those navigating pregnancy. The film's compelling narrative, coupled with Lauren Lavara's standout performance, promises an immersive experience."

Produced by Joe Lam, Joe Barbagallo, Brent Trotter, The Fetus is targeting a release later this year. To learn more, visit: