With the arrival of the brand new Child's Play Blu-ray box set today and the 25th anniversary of Tom Holland's original film just one month away (almost to the day in fact), it seemed only fitting to sit down and chat with the film's co-writer and director about the project, especially considering we don't often get the opportunity to hear from Holland about this modern horror classic which introduced to the world a new icon of horror- Chucky.

Daily Dead recently conducted an extensive video interview with Holland in honor of Child's Play's upcoming anniversary and because there was so much incredible stuff that we were able to discuss with the Master of Horror, we came back with three video interviews chock full of awesome to share with you.

For the final installment of our Child's Play video retrospective, Holland chatted about his experiences collaborating with his cast including Brad Dourif (who also starred in Holland's previous film Fatal Beauty), Chris Sarandon (who played Jerry Dandridge in the 1985 classic Fright Night), Catherine Hardwicke and young Alex Vincent who was making his feature film debut in Child's Play. Holland also discussed Dourif's enduring legacy in the horror genre because of his portrayal of the character Chucky/Charles Lee Ray, surviving the harsh Chicago winter of 1987 while filming on the streets and more.

And if that's not enough Chucky-related fun for all you Child's Play fans out there, make sure to tune into the end of our exclusive video interview as we've put together a great tribute to our favorite pint-sized maniac set to "The Chucky Song" which had been created for the original film but never made it into the final version (song courtesy of Holland and David Chackler).

A very special thanks to Tom Holland for taking the time to speak with us, for giving us access to all his archival materials for this series and for letting us pay tribute to both his work and the enduring legacy of the original Child's Play.

Part 3:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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