If you prefer to deck your halls with vintage-themed décor every Halloween season, then you're going to love what Doug P'gosh and the creative team at Retro-a-go-go! have cooked up: extra large Vac-Tastic plastic masks to display on your walls! 

Standing nearly two feet tall and styled with a ’60s/’70s aesthetic, the extra large Vac-Tastic plastic masks from Retro-a-go-go! include three General Mills Monsters, creatures inspired by the Universal Monsters, a Mars Attacks martian, and more!

Each mask comes in nifty, vintage-themed packaging, and the General Mills Monsters even come with their own cereal spoon! And, as an added bonus, some of the masks even glow in the dark.

If you can't make it to the Retro-a-go-go! shop in Howell, Michigan, you can peruse their festive products online on their official website, and we also have a look at some of their extra large Vac-Tastic plastic masks below!

From Retro-a-go-go!: "Calling all monster fans! Get ready to shriek with pure joy! When adulthood ails you, the new and original Ghoulsville Horror Décor from Retroagogo! is the cure!

Meet the first 17 creeps in this new thrilling series. Each Vac-Tastic Plastic mask is thoughtfully inspired by our warm memories of costumes, characters and playsuits of the 60's-70's found at the local Five & Dime Stores.

As you know, for too many years, there hasn't been enough cool Halloween décor created specifically for us monster lovers. Retro-a-go-go! Product Developer, artist Doug P'gosh, set out to change exactly that -- and he has in a big, big way!

We've blown our Vac-tastic Plastic Ghoulsville wall décor masks up to gigantic and monstrous proportions. Each fantastic mask towers just under 2 feet tall. Best part is, they're created in the same spirit and material used for the much-loved vintage kid's masks of yesteryear. Each collector's edition box, with the clear top, is an homage to the original window boxes and packaging of yesteryear.

Whether you get your freak on by adding them to your boring walls or keep them "mint in box" and proudly displayed, there is nothing else like their creep-tastic awesomeness anywhere but here!"

Photo credit: Above photo is from Ghouleena's Instagram page.

Images from Retro-a-go-go!:

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