Usually, ASMR videos have a calming effect that can help you go to sleep, but although it's filled with seemingly soothing sounds, the new audio-centric short film Reverberance might just creep you out enough to keep you up at night. Co-directed and co-written by Alex DiVincenzo and TJ Frizzi, Reverberance is now available to watch online in its entirety, and we have a look at the full short film for Daily Dead readers to enjoy:

An ordinary day becomes unsound in Reverberance. The ASMR-style horror short is streaming on YouTube.

The Horror Revolution hails the three-minute short as "creepy as f-ck," while Boston Hassle calls it "an ethereal, commendable little film accentuated by its innovative creature design."

Reverberance stars Sheri Lee and Brian Bouyea. It's co-written and co-directed by Alex DiVincenzo and TJ Frizzi and features award-winning special effects by Jordan Pacheco.

"I'm excited for people to see — and hear — Reverberance," says DiVincenzo. "Watch it with headphones on and the volume up for maximum effect."

Reverberance is the latest genre short from DiVincenzo's Lockbridge Productions, whose work includes The Horrors of AutoCorrect (distributed by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV), Cybershock 1999 (distributed by Troma Entertainment), and the 48 Hour Film Project winner Root of All Evil.

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