Ever want to visit Mars? You can feel like you're on the red planet in the new virtual reality game DOOM VFR, out now on PlayStation VR and HTC VIVE. While you're taking in the sights, you'll also have to contend with hordes of bloodthirsty demons who have escaped from Hell, as evidenced in the intense launch trailer from Bethesda Softworks:

"The fast, frenetic and familiar gameplay of DOOM returns in a brand-new virtual reality adventure. DOOM VFR brings you face to face for a frightening fight against an onslaught of demons through the UAC’s facility on Mars and beyond. Get a glimpse of the mayhem with our new launch trailer.

In DOOM VFR, you are Dr. Peters, a UAC scientist who meets his untimely demise within the first few moments of the game. But don’t worry, your consciousness is quickly transferred to an artificial brain matrix, allowing you to exist in different forms to help keep the fight alive. Your mission is to help stop the demonic invasion occurring across locations both new and previously explored in DOOM. Witness the true power of your weapons in virtual reality as you blast bullets or lob grenades at enemies. Whether new to the series or a veteran demon slayer, you’ve never experienced DOOM like this before.

DOOM VFR is now available for PlayStation VR and HTC VIVE.

DOOM VFR has been rated M for mature by the ESRB and is priced at $29.99 for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. For more information on DOOM VFR, visit https://doom.com."

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